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sebastian shaw needs love too
love in the time of questionable morals

lovedoktor is a community for stories, art, and other fanworks featuring the character Sebastian Shaw from X-Men. All canons welcome.

All entries must be formatted like so:

<b>Warnings:</b> <font color="ff0000">WARNINGS GO HERE</font> [put "Warnings: none" if not applicable]

You must tag entries appropriately using the pre-created tags. If you would like to post your stories using a public sockjournal please look here for details. Posting older fanworks is more than okay.

Please send any questions or concerns to introductory or romanaorfred.

Title: Stand In The Advancing Light
Author: rubynye
Pairing: Charlotte/Shaw, Charlotte/Erik, others mentioned
Rating: NC-17 with warnings.
Summary: From the prompt: How long will Erik stay when he finds out Charlotte's carrying Shaw's child?
Content Advisory: Genderswap, nonconsensual and enthusiastically consensual sex, violence, character death, happy ending.
Disclaimer: This fanwork has been created for pleasure only and not for profit.

( The walls are all mirrors, and every mirror reflects Charlotte's tears. )
Title: Outside Upside Inside Down
Characters/Pairing: Azazel/Charles, Charles/Riptide, Charles/Shaw, Charles/Erik.
Rating: NC-17. I'd rate it higher if I could.
Warnings: Gang rape, double penetration, violence, character death, partner abuse, victim blaming.
Prompt: "Shaw manages to capture Charles..." plus two bonus prompts, all linked in their entirety at the end of the story.
Summary: While waiting for Erik to come rescue Charles, Shaw and his Hellfire Club disport themselves. Then Erik finally arrives.
Author's Note: The [main] prompt was filled twice. Here's the magnificent other fill.

...it need only take a moment for a person's life to be turned entirely topsy turvy, upside down.Collapse )
16th-Nov-2011 08:23 am - [Fic] Only Slightly Soiled
Title: Only Slightly Soiled
Author: rubynye
Rating: R
Characters: Charles, Erik, Shaw in some but not all possible assortments
Summary: Charles's worst day ever at work.
Content Advisory: Prostitution AU. Non-consensual, canon-typical violence, happy ending (really).
Disclaimer: This fanwork has been created for pleasure only and not for profit.

( Charles is not fully present in this moment. )
6th-Nov-2011 04:51 pm - nc-17; More Than You Think You Are.
Title: More Than You Think You Are
Author: V! @ frozenfoxfire
Pairing: Shaw//Charles, Shaw//Erik, Erik//Charles
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU; dub-con, non-con, violence, torture, abduction, trauma, stalking... I think I got it all. :|a
Content: part 1 of 2; written for this prompt at the kink meme, reposted for justice.
Summary: Shaw wants to give Charles the world. Charles isn't taking it.

I'm not done taking everything from you yet.Collapse )
space bees
Title: honey honey what's your problem
Pairing: Erik/Shaw, Erik/Charles
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, dub-con/non-con, underaged, abuse, character death, violence
Content: For this prompt on the kink meme Uh, heed the warnings?
Summary: Erik's got a gun.

everybody is on the runCollapse )
Title: Rose In The Fisted Glove
Author: rubynye
Pairing: Charles/Erik/Shaw, incidental Emma/Shaw
Rating: NC-17
Summary Prompt: Shaw owns a brothel, and Charles... is his most popular prostitute. When Erik comes to the brothel, he needs to learn how to give pleasure. Shaw brings in Charles as a human model.
Content Advisory: Nonconsensual. AU, prostitution, slavery, threesome, double penetration, shenanigans.
Disclaimer: This fanwork has been created for pleasure only and not for profit.

(Charles is Sebastian's best whore.)
23rd-Oct-2011 05:40 pm - fic: Dance for Me
Title: Dance for Me
Author: theladyloki
Pairing: Erik/Shaw
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dub/non-con.
Content: Desperate sex.
Summary: Broken!Erik is more or less Shaw's plaything. Shaw takes full advantage of this.

Title: Drag Me On Down, Gladly I'll Follow
Author: TehChou
Pairing: Charles/Shaw, Charles/Erik
Warnings:   Dub-con language (not meant to be dub-con), Slut-shaming, anger management issues AAAANGST
Content:  Written for Kink_Bingo square Orgasm control/denial
Summary: Charles enjoys a night on the town and wakes in the bed of the stranger he met last night. He insists that nothing happened between them, but that doesn't stay true for long.

Erik fails miserably at not being jealous and when he finds out who the 'stranger' was, things come to a head.


Title: the long slide from kingdom to kingdom through the wilderness
Pairing: Erik/Shaw
Rating: Hard Rish?
Warnings: dub-con, underaged
Content: written for this prompt in the XMFC kink meme. Reposting rather than linking because I edited a little. A little...I like to edit. Kink memes why can't I edit you.
Summary: Erik never leaves Shaw. Yeah, I don't even know. Appropriate password is rather appropriate.

every story has a chapter in the desertCollapse )
10th-Sep-2011 03:10 pm - fic: Bending Light
Title: Bending Light
Author: tocuna
Pairing: Erik/Shaw
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Highlight before reading - Underage (Erik is 14), Child abuse (physical and sexual), sex with a minor, anti-semitism, psychological and physical torture, non-con, stockholm syndrome, manipulation of a minor, graphic violence, death, traumatic experiences (and reference to them), immorality, tragedy
Content summary: Erik's thoughts and the events occurring as he grew up around Shaw (movie spoiler) after his mother's death.
14th-Aug-2011 02:52 pm - Sockjournal Access
There is a general blind sockjournal account open at challengeaccept for those of you who may wish to post anon fills in one piece and link back. The password is idon'tevenknow and you may use it to post any content, any rating, any fandom. I only ask that you please follow the rules of that account and respect any other users who might be sharing.
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